Leadership Academy for Supervisors: An Intensive

The purpose of the LAS is teach, apply and reinforce effective Supervisor/Front Line Leader skills for people in a leadership role who have limited authority and work directly with front line workers. This Intensive involves personal goal setting, classroom sessions with learning teams, coaching at the worksite, a personal action and 12-week follow through plan to reinforce the learning over the next 90 days.

This Intensive spans eight weeks and is designed for seasoned supervisors to sharpen, reinforce and add new skills; new supervisors and high-potentials to shorten the learning curve toward excellence as a leader.

Session 1: Leadership and Supervisory Skills

  • Program Overview: Expectations and Outcomes
  • Goal Setting, Behavior change
  • The Supervisor Tool Kit
  • First Coaching session (at the worksite)

Session 2: Interpersonal and Assertive Communication

  • Building healthy work relationships
  • Complete communication; input and feedback
  • Assertive communication workshop

Session 3: Creating a Positive Workplace

  • Managing difficult people
  • Optimism and encouragement skills
  • 12 Actions Employees Want from Supervisors

Session 4: Conflict Management and Resolution

  • The Positive Conflict Resolution Process
  • Communicating clearly through change
  • Conflict Resolution Tool Kit

Session 5: Motivation and Coaching

  • Front line coaching skills
  • Five Steps to Move a Person to Action
  • Application/demonstration workshop

Session 6: Stress, Time and Personal Management

  • Reducing stress in the workplace
  • Planning and organizing to maximize time
  • Personal management and wellness

Session 7: Training Adult Learners

  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Whole-Part-Whole Method
  • Progressive demonstration

Week 8: Final Coaching and Goal Setting Session

Classroom: Seven content sessions with progressive learning

  • Learning Teams: Peer support and accountability
  • Book review: The Question Behind the Question Workbook– What to Really ask Yourself to
  • Eliminate Blame, Victim Thinking, Complaining and Procrastination.

Coaching: Two X One-on-one coaching sessions

  • Personal, targeted goal setting
  • Full access to instructor/coach by phone/email for Quick Event/Issues coaching.

Application: Personal Accountability Plan & 90 Day Roll Out Plan

  • 10 X Weekly 3-5 minute follow up, reinforcement videos delivered by email